The Call of Kumayl, Unknown
The Call of Kumayl
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Dua Kumayl (Arabic: دعاء كميل‎) (literally the Supplication of Kumayl) is a supplication famous among Shi'a for its perceived beauty and a traditional supplication in Shi'a and is a growing Sunni dua.
The Call of Kumayl

Translator's word

This is what is called the “Call of Kumayl.” The word “Call” needs a little explanation here. In fact the form of this text is the same as a prayer, but since the verb “to pray” has different aspects in different cultures I decided here to use the verb “to call” for this piece. While in christian literature the verb “to pray” means mainly asking for help from God, the very same verb has another meaning in islamic literature. The verb “to pray” in Islam has the meaning of doing the worshipping which is done by any muslim everyday, or mainly the 5 main prayers of the day, but to ask God for help or a text that is meant to be in a form of a soliloquy between oneself and God, is much closer to the word “Call” because such text is called in Arabic “Do`â'” which stems from the verb “to call” in Arabic.

The Call you are going to pass by next is a familiar text for (almost) any Shiite Muslim who keeps up with his religious duties. The main body of the call is between the asterisks.

This is a rough translation with as simple as possible English. Such texts would be better to be translated in a form of literature English, but the idea here is to pass some cultural exchange to the other side of the world. The beauty of such text would be better examined by people who can read Arabic, since it rhymes more and the wide range of words used in Arabic add up more to the sense of faith inside the reader, if he/she knows what is read.

Some markers:
(PUH): Peace Upon Him
(...): further translation and/or explanation
[...]: my own note

Taher Al-Shemaly (TJ)

The call (or pray) of Kumayl is in fact the call of Al-Khidhr (PUH), but it was called like that because the prince of the believers (PUH) taught this call to Kumayl bin Ziyâd Al-Nakh`ee and for this it was named after him. This call is considered one of the most famous calls and considered one of the best, and it is preferred to read this call in the night of the middle of the month of Sha`bân and in every Friday’s night . Al-Sayid bin Tâwoos told in the book of “Al-Iqabâl” within a long speech : "if you memorized this call then read it every Friday’s night, or once a month, or once a year, or once in a life time, thus you shall be protected and victorious and mercy shall be always there for you, O Kumayl. I guarantee for you as long you are with us (The Household of Mohammed) so we shall answer your desires generously". Then he said: "write (O Kumayl)" then this he wrote :

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


O Lord I ask You by Your mercy that befell on everything
and by Your power by which You mastered everything
and everything became under it
and everything became enslaved to it
and by Your might by which You defeated everything
and by Your glory that nothing stands before it
and by Your greatness that filled everything
and by Your majesty that came over everything
and by Your face that will remain after the vanishing of everything
and by Your Names that filled the corners of everything
and by Your knowledge that surrounded everything
and by the light of Your face that enlighted everything

Noor (O Light) Quddoos (O Most Holy) O The First of all and The Last of all

O Lord forgive me the sins that break up the safety
O Lord forgive me the sins that reveal the resentments
O Lord forgive me the sins that change the gifts (of You)
O Lord forgive me the sins that imprison the call
O Lord forgive me the sins that reveal the adversities
O Lord forgive me every sin I sinned, and every mistake I have mistaken
O Lord I approach You by mentioning Your Name and get closer to You by You
and I shall ask You to get me closer to You and to spread Your thanks over me
and inspire me to mention Your Name

O Lord I ask You as an obeying, enslaved and humble man, to forgive me and have mercy upon me and make me satisfied with Your division (destiny) and in all situations to be humble.

O Lord I ask You as he whom adversities befell on him severely, and at troubles revealed his needs by Your doors, and as he who his desires were before You.

O Lord great is Your majesty
and high is Your place
and hidden is Your cunning
and obvious is Your reality
and victorious is Your might
and went on Your ability
and there is no escape from Your own government

O Lord I do not find for my sins a forgiver
and no one for my ugliness to be covering
and nothing of my bad deeds to be exchanged with good except of You
no other God but You, Be glorified and thanked. I wronged myself and I dared by my ingnorance and took refuge by Your old mention of me and Your grace over me

O Lord how many ugly things You have hidden
and how many a great adversity You have relieved
and how many a misstep You have prevented
and how many a mishap You have pushed away
and how many a praise of me that I’m not worthy for You have spreaded

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