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The Book of the All-Virtuous Wisdom of Yeshua ben Sira, commonly called the Wisdom of Sirach or simply Sirach, and also known as the Book of Ecclesiasticus (abbreviated Ecclus.) or Ben Sira, is a work of ethical teachings, from approximately 200 to 175 BCE, written by the Jewish scribe Ben Sira of Jerusalem, on the inspiration of his father Joshua son of Sirach, sometimes called Jesus son of Sirach or Yeshua ben Eliezer ben Sira.


Deuterocanonical collection

Chapter 1

[The Prologue of the Wisdom of Jesus the Son of Sirach.] Whereas many and great things have been delivered unto us by the law and the prophets, and by others that have followed their steps, for the which things Israel ought to be commended for learning and wisdom; and whereof not only the readers must needs become skilful themselves, but also they that desire to learn be able to profit them which are without, both by speaking and writing: my grandfather Jesus, when he had much given himself to the reading of the law, and the prophets, and other books of our fathers, and had gotten therein good judgment, was drawn on also himself to write something pertaining to learning and wisdom; to the intent that those which are desirous to learn, and are addicted to these things, might profit much more in living according to the law. Wherefore let me intreat you to read it with favour and attention, and to pardon us, wherein we may seem to come short of some words, which we have laboured to interpret. For the same things uttered in Hebrew, and translated into another tongue, have not the same force in them: and not only these things, but the law itself, and the prophets, and the rest of the books, have no small difference, when they are spoken in their own language. For in the eight and thirtieth year coming into Egypt, when Euergetes was king, and continuing there some time, I found a book of no small learning: therefore I thought it most necessary for me to bestow some diligence and travail to interpret it; using great watchfulness and skill in that space to bring the book to an end, and set it forth for them also, which in a strange country are willing to learn, being prepared before in manners to live after the law. All wisdom cometh from the Lord, and is with him for ever.

Who can number the sand of the sea, and the drops of rain, and the days of eternity?

Who can find out the height of heaven, and the breadth of the earth, and the deep, and wisdom?

Wisdom hath been created before all things, and the understanding of prudence from everlasting.

The word of God most high is the fountain of wisdom; and her ways are everlasting commandments.

To whom hath the root of wisdom been revealed? or who hath known her wise counsels?

[Unto whom hath the knowledge of wisdom been made manifest? and who hath understood her great experience?]

There is one wise and greatly to be feared, the Lord sitting upon his throne.

He created her, and saw her, and numbered her, and poured her out upon all his works.

She is with all flesh according to his gift, and he hath given her to them that love him.

The fear of the Lord is honour, and glory, and gladness, and a crown of rejoicing.

The fear of the Lord maketh a merry heart, and giveth joy, and gladness, and a long life.

Whoso feareth the Lord, it shall go well with him at the last, and he shall find favour in the day of his death.

To fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and it was created with the faithful in the womb.

She hath built an everlasting foundation with men, and she shall continue with their seed.

To fear the Lord is fulness of wisdom, and filleth men with her fruits.

She filleth all their house with things desirable, and the garners with her increase.

The fear of the Lord is a crown of wisdom, making peace and perfect health to flourish; both which are the gifts of God: and it enlargeth their rejoicing that love him.

Wisdom raineth down skill and knowledge of understanding standing, and exalteth them to honour that hold her fast.

The root of wisdom is to fear the Lord, and the branches thereof are long life.

The fear of the Lord driveth away sins: and where it is present, it turneth away wrath.

A furious man cannot be justified; for the sway of his fury shall be his destruction.

A patient man will tear for a time, and afterward joy shall spring up unto him.

He will hide his words for a time, and the lips of many shall declare his wisdom.

The parables of knowledge are in the treasures of wisdom: but godliness is an abomination to a sinner.

If thou desire wisdom, keep the commandments, and the Lord shall give her unto thee.

For the fear of the Lord is wisdom and instruction: and faith and meekness are his delight.

Distrust not the fear of the Lord when thou art poor: and come not unto him with a double heart.

Be not an hypocrite in the sight of men, and take good heed what thou speakest.

Exalt not thyself, lest thou fall, and bring dishonour upon thy soul, and so God discover thy secrets, and cast thee down in the midst of the congregation, because thou camest not in truth to the fear of the Lord, but thy heart is full of deceit.

Chapter 2

My son, if thou come to serve the Lord, prepare thy soul for temptation.

Set thy heart aright, and constantly endure, and make not haste in time of trouble.

Cleave unto him, and depart not away, that thou mayest be increased at thy last end.

Whatsoever is brought upon thee take cheerfully, and be patient when thou art changed to a low estate.

For gold is tried in the fire, and acceptable men in the furnace of adversity.

Believe in him, and he will help thee; order thy way aright, and trust in him.

Ye that fear the Lord, wait for his mercy; and go not aside, lest ye fall.

Ye that fear the Lord, believe him; and your reward shall not fail.

Ye that fear the Lord, hope for good, and for everlasting joy and mercy.

Look at the generations of old, and see; did ever any trust in the Lord, and was confounded? or did any abide in his fear, and was forsaken? or whom did he ever despise, that called upon him?

For the Lord is full of compassion and mercy, longsuffering, and very pitiful, and forgiveth sins, and saveth in time of affliction.

Woe be to fearful hearts, and faint hands, and the sinner that goeth two ways!

Woe unto him that is fainthearted! for he believeth not; therefore shall he not be defended.

Woe unto you that have lost patience! and what will ye do when the Lord shall visit you?

They that fear the Lord will not disobey his Word; and they that love him will keep his ways.

They that fear the Lord will seek that which is well, pleasing unto him; and they that love him shall be filled with the law.

They that fear the Lord will prepare their hearts, and humble their souls in his sight,

Saying, We will fall into the hands of the Lord, and not into the hands of men: for as his majesty is, so is his mercy.

Chapter 3

Hear me your father, O children, and do thereafter, that ye may be safe.

For the Lord hath given the father honour over the children, and hath confirmed the authority of the mother over the sons.

Whoso honoureth his father maketh an atonement for his sins:

And he that honoureth his mother is as one that layeth up treasure.

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