Hayat Al-Qulub Vol.2
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This is the second volume of the three volume series by Allamah Al-Majlisi, titled Hayat al-Qulub (Life of the Hearts). This volume is a very detailed and comprehensive biography of Prophet Muhammad, starting with an account of his esteemed ancestry and ending with the events that transpired shortly after his death..

Hayat Al-Qulub vol.2

Muhammad Baqir Majlisi

Sayyid Athar Husayn S.H. Rizvi

Ancestry of the Holy Prophet (S) and Circumstances of His Forefathers

Ancestry of the Holy Prophet (S)

The well-known genealogy of the Holy Prophet (S) is as follows: Muhammad (S), son of Abdullah son of Abdul Muttalib son of Hashim son of Abde Manaf son of Qusayy son of Kilab son of Marrah son of Lavi son of Ghalib son of Fahar son of Malik son of Nuzayr son of Kananah son of Khuzaimah son of Madrakah son of Ilyas son of Mazar son of Nazar son of Maad son of Adnan son of Ov son of Alyasi son of Alhameesa son of Salaman son of Albant son of Hamal son of Qidar son of Ismail son of Ibrahim Khalil (a.s.) son of Tarukh son of Nakhur son of Sharoogh son of Arghu son of Faalagh son of Aabar son of Shaalakh son of Arfahshad son of Saam son of Nuh son of Malik son of Matushalakh son of Akhnoon son of Alyaaraz son of Mahlaail son of Feenaan son of Anoosh son of Sheeth son of His Eminence, Adam (a.s.).

According to a narration of Lady Umm Salma, Adnan was son of Ov and he of Zaid and he of As Saraa and he of Eraaqus Saraa. Umm Salma says that Zaid is Hameesa and Saraa is Bant and that Eraaqus Saraa is Ismail (a.s.). And according to the narration of Ibn Babawayh, Adnan is son of Av and he of Awad and he of Zaid and he of Yaqdu and he of Hamesa and he of Bant and he of Qidar bin Ismail.

According to the report of Ibn Abbas it is Adnan bin Ovbin and Bin Yasaa bin Hamesa bin Yahsham bin Manjaz bin Sabugh bin Alhameesa bin Bant bin Qidar bin Ismail bin Ibrahim bin Tarukh bin Matushalakh bin Saam bin Nuh bin Malik bin Akhnoo bin Mahlaaeel bin Zabazar. And according to yet another statement, Taarad and according to yet another Ayaad bin Qinan bin Arad bin Anoosh bin Sheeth bin Adam.

What is more famous is that the name of His Eminence, Abdul Muttalib was Shaibatul Hamd and the name of Hashim was Amr and that Abde Manaf was Mughira and also that the name of Qasaa was Zaid, who was also called Majma’ and the name of Quraish was Nasr.

There was some reason behind this naming of every one of them. It is also said that the name of Arghu was Hud. Some have said his name was Ghaabar and that Akhnu is His Eminence, Idris and that the mother of the Holy Prophet (S) was Amina binte Wahab who was a son of Abde Manaf son of Zuhra son of Kilab.

Creation of Effulgence (Noor)

Ibn Babawayh (r.a.) has through his chains of narrators, narrated that Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) said: His Eminence, Amirul Momineen (a.s.) said that the Almighty Allah created Prophet’s Noor 424000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth and Arsh (Throne) and Kursi and Lauh and Qalam and Paradise and Hell and all prophets. Then from the same Noor He created twelve veils, that is, the veil of Power (Qudrat), the veil of Greatness (Azmat), the veil of Grace (Minnat), the veil of Mercy (Rahmat), the veil of Bliss (Saadat), the veil of Wonder (Karamat), the veil of Status (Manzilat), the veil of Guidance (Hidayat), the veil of Prophethood (Nubuwwat), the veil of Loftiness (Rafat), the veil of Awe (Haibat), and veil of Intercession (Shafat). He kept this holy light in the veils of Might for twelve thousand years. It was reciting, “Glory to the Lord, the Almighty Allah,” therein.

Then He kept it in the veil of Power for eleven thousand years during which it was reciting “Glory to be to the One Who knows the mysteries.” He kept it in the Hijab of Minnat for ten thousand years during which it used to recite, “Glory to be to the One Who is permanent and not transient.” Then He kept it in the veil of Rahmat for nine thousand years and it continued to recite, “Glory to be to the High and Exalted,” and placed it in the veil of Saadat for eight thousand years when it used to recite, “Glory to be to the One Who is eternal and not temporary. Then He placed it in the veil of Karamat for seven thousand years when it recited, “Glory to be to the One Who is self-sufficient and not needy.”

Then He kept in the veil of Manzilat for six thousand years when it continued to recite “Glory be to the one who is knowing and great”. Then He kept it in the veil of Hidayat for five thousand years during the course of which it used to recite “Glory be to the owner of the Great Throne (Arsh).” Then He kept it in the veil of Nubuwwat for a period of four thousand years when it recited the glory of the Lord in the words “Glory be to the Lord of Might from what they attribute Him with.” Then He kept it in the veil of Rafat for three thousand years when it praised Him in the words “Glory be to the owner of the Kingdom and Celestial world.”

Then He kept it in the Hijab of Haibat for two thousand years when it said: “Glory be to Allah and praise be to Him.” Then He kept it in the Hijab of Intercession for a thousand years when it recited: Glory be to Allah the Great and praise be to him. Then He inscribed the name of the Holy Prophet on Lauhe Mahfuz (Protected Tablet) and it continued to shine there for four thousand years. Then Prophet’s name was displayed on the Arsh and written on the leg of the Arsh where it continued to dazzle for seven thousand years.

In this way that Noor continued to revolve with might, loftiness and greatness until the Almighty Allah put it in the loins of Adam (a.s.). Then it continued to be transferred until it reached the loins of Nuh and thereafter till Allah placed it in the loin of Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib and decorated it with six wonders:

He gave it the shirt of His pleasure, beautified it with the chador of awe, put the crown of guidance on its head, thus making it scale the height and clothed it in attire of dignity, tied the belt of love, gave it shoes of fear and hope and provided it with the staff of status.

Then sent a revelation to it: O Muhammad, go to the people and proclaim: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah (S) and ask them to believe in this proclamation. The aforesaid shirt of Divine Pleasure had six basic jewels: Its length was of ruby, its sleeves of pearl, its skirt of yellow flint glass, its neck of red coral and slits of neck were made of the Almighty Allah’s radiance.”

Allah accepted the repentance of Yaqub (a.s.) because of the same shirt, he made him meet Yusuf due to its bliss, freed Yunus (a.s.) from the belly of the fish by the wonder of the same shirt. The prophet got rid of troubles and hardships due to it. It was but the same shirt of Prophet Muhammad (S).

It is reported with reliable authorities that people asked Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) where was the Holy Prophet (S) before Allah created the heaven and earth and light and darkness? He replied: “There were some bodies of radiance revolving round the Divine Throne reciting Allah’s praise 25000 years before Allah created sky, earth, light and darkness. When Allah created Adam He placed us in his loins. He continued to transfer us from holy loins to holy wombs until He appointed Muhammad (S).”

It is narrated through many channels from Abdullah bin Abbas that the Holy Prophet (S) said: “Allah created me and Ali from a light under the Throne (Arsh) 12000 years before the creation of Adam. When He created Adam, He placed that Noor in his loins. Thereafter that Noor continued to be transferred from one loin to another until both of us were separated in the loins of Abdullah and Abu Talib.”

It is narrated from Maaz bin Jabal that the Holy Prophet (S) said: “Verily Allah created me, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain (a.s.) seven thousand years before the creation of the world.” Maaz asked: “O Messenger of Allah (S), where were you at that time?” He replied, “We were under the Divine Throne, praising, glorifying and hallowing Allah.” It was asked: “What were you like?” He replied: “We were some bodies of light. When Allah desired to form us, He turned us into a column of light and put it in the loins of Adam (a.s.).”

Thereafter He continued to transfer it from loins of fathers to wombs of mothers, always keeping us away from impurity, polytheism and adultery, which was being indulged in during the time of blasphemy. In every age some groups used to be successful by putting faith in us. Some used to remain hardhearted and unfortunate as they did not believe in us. When we were brought to the loins of Abdul Muttalib that Noor was divided into two. Allah put one half of it in the loins of Abdullah and the other half in that of Abu Talib.

Thereafter my Noor was transferred to the womb of Amina and the other entered the womb of Fatima binte Asad. I was born from Amina (r.a.) and Ali (a.s.) from Fatima (r.a.). Then the entire pillar returned to me and my daughter Fatima (r.a.) was born. Then that whole light was transferred to Ali (a.s.) and Hasan (a.s.) and Husain (a.s.) were born from those two parts of light. Similarly my Noor will continue to revolve till Judgment Day in the descendants of Husain (a.s.) towards the Imams (a.s.).

It is narrated from some channels from the Holy Prophet (S) that, “The Almighty Allah created me, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain (a.s.) before creating Adam when there was neither Paradise nor Hell.” His Eminence, Abbas asked, “O Messenger of Allah (S), how was your creation initiated?” He replied, “When Allah intended to create us, He created a Word, then a Light therefrom, then He created another Word and a Spirit therefrom.

Then He amalgamated that Noor with that spirit and therefrom He created Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain (a.s.). All of us were reciting Allah’s greatness and praise. We were describing His Glory and Praise when no one else was doing so. When Allah desired to create the whole of creation He bifurcated my Noor and created the Arsh (Throne) therefrom. Arsh is from my Noor and my Noor is from Allah’s Noor and (thus) my Noor is greater than the Arsh. Then

He split the Noor of my brother Ali (a.s.) and created the angels therefrom. The angels are from Ali’s Noor and Ali’s Noor is from the Noor of Allah and (hence) Ali (a.s.) is greater than the angels. Thereafter Allah bifurcated my daughter Fatima’s Noor and created the heavens and the earth from it. The sky and earth are created from Fatima’s Noor and Fatima’s Noor is from Allah’s Noor and (thus) Fatima is greater that the skies and the earth.

He then divided my son, Hasan’s Noor and created the sun and the moon therefrom. So the sun and the moon have come into existence from my son Hasan’s Noor and Hasan’s Noor is created from Allah’s Noor and (so) it is greater than sun and the moon. Thereafter Allah divided my son Husain’s Noor and created Paradise and Houries (fairies). So Paradise and Houries have been created from my son Husain’s Noor and my son Husain’s Noor is from the Noor of Allah and (therefore) my son Husain (a.s.) is better than Paradise and Houries.”

Abu Dharr has, through reliable chains narrated that the Holy Prophet (S) said: “I and Ali have been created from one Noor and we were glorifying Allah on the right side of the Arsh two thousand years before the creation of Adam. When Allah created Adam, He put this Noor in his loins. When he was allowed to dwell in Paradise we were in his loins. Likewise when Nuh was riding the ship we were in his loins. So also when Ibrahim (a.s.) was thrown into fire. The Almighty Allah transferred us from holy loins into holy wombs until we reached the loins of Abdul Muttalib.”

Now the Almighty Allah divided that Noor into two, placed me in the loins of Abu Talib. He granted me prophethood and gave eloquence and courage to Ali and gave derivatives from His holy names to both of us. The Almighty is the Lord of the Throne (Arsh) which is Mahmud and I am Muhammad. Allah is High (Aalaa) and my brother is Ali. He designated me for messengership and prophethood and appointed Ali for Wasayat (guardianship) and Imamate and to command people with truth.

It is narrated through reliable chains from Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) that before the creation of the Universe, Allah had two radiances. Angels looked at both these lights, found one to be original wherefrom a ray was spreading, which was a part of it. They asked, “O Allah! What is this Radiance? The Almighty Allah revealed that it is one of My Noors the origin of which is messengership and branch is Imamate.

The Messengership is for Muhammad who is My servant and messenger; and Imamate is for Ali who is Hujjat (proof) before the creation and the caliph. Had I not created them, I would not have created anything.” In another reliable tradition, the same Imam has said that the Almighty Allah addressed the Holy Prophet (S): “O Muhammad, I created you and Ali from one Noor, that is, I had created a bodiless spirit, before creating the sky and earth and Arsh and sea. You were always hallowing and praising Me and were continuously remembering Me with unique attentiveness.

Then I amalgamated both the souls and that amalgamated soul was remembering Me with piety and greatness and grandeur. Then I made two parts of that soul. Then made two parts of the said two and thus were created Muhammad and Ali and Hasan and Husain. Thereafter I created Fatima from a single Noor in the form of a bodiless spirit. That same Noor continued in Ahlul Bayt (a.s.).”

It is mentioned in a reliable tradition from His Eminence, Imam Muhammad Taqi (a.s.) that the Almighty Allah was always One and Unique in His Uniqueness. There was none except Him. Then He created Muhammad, Ali, Fatima and after a thousand time periods created all things and made the holy beings witness over their creation and made their obedience incumbent on all creation and entrusted the administration of creation to them. So they do not like or desire anything except what is desired by Allah and have no intention of their own.

It is narrated through authentic chains that Imam Hasan (a.s.) said that the Holy Prophet (S) said: “Behisht is a stream in Firdos, sweeter than honey, softer than butter, cooler than ice and more fragrant than musk. Therein is a kind of clay wherefrom the Almighty Allah created us and our Shias.

One who is not created from that clay is neither from us nor is our Shia.” It is mentioned in another tradition that he said: “I have heard from my grandfather, the Holy Prophet (S) that he used to say: ‘I have been created from the Noor of Allah and my Ahlul Bayt have been created from my Noor and the lovers of Ahlul Bayt have been created from their Noor. All other people are from hellfire.’”

It is narrated through authentic chains from Abu Saeed Khudri that a man asked about the interpretation of the saying of the Almighty Allah to Satan when the latter refused to prostrate before Adam (a.s.):

أَسْتَكْبَرْتَ أَمْ كُنتَ مِنَ الْعَالِينَ

“Are you proud or are you of the exalted ones?”

The Holy Prophet (S) said: I, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain were in the enclosure of the Arsh and praising Allah. The angels were reciting praise on hearing us, and this was two thousand years before the creation of Adam. When Allah created Adam, He commanded the angels to prostrate before him but we were not ordered to prostrate. All the angels prostrated, but Iblis refused. At that Allah said to him: “You have shown pride against prostrating; have you also became of those exalted ones, that is of those whose names have been written in the enclosure of the Arsh?”

According to a reliable tradition of Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.): “The Almighty Allah created Muhammad Mustafa (S) from a handful of clay which was a pearl beneath the Arsh. From its leftover, He created us, Ahlul Bayt. Then from the leftover of our essence were created our Shias. Therefore their hearts are inclined to us and they love us and we are truly kind to them just as a father is kind to his children. We are the best for them and they for us. The Messenger of Allah (S) is the best of all people for us and we are the best of all in the view of the Holy Prophet (S).”

According to a reliable narration, Imam Zainul Abideen (a.s.) is reported to have said: “The Almighty Allah created eleven Imams from the progeny of the Holy Prophet (S) and Ali (a.s.) and his progeny from His Noor of Greatness. Those Noors were praising Allah in His radiation, and worshipping 14000 years before He created all of His creation.” Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) is reported to have said that the Messenger of Allah (S) said: “Fourteen thousand years before Allah created all of His creation, He created fourteen Noors which were our souls.”

People asked: “O Messenger of Allah (S)! Who are those fourteen?” He replied: “Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan, Husain and nine sons from their progeny, the last of whom is Qaim (a.s.) who will remain unseen to people’s eyes. Then he will appear and kill Dajjal and purify the earth from every oppression.”

It is mentioned in a reliable tradition of Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) that: “The Almighty Allah, presented the holy spirit of Prophet Muhammad (S) to the spirits of all the prophets 2000 years before the creation of universe. The Holy Prophet (S) invited them to worship Only One Allah and to obey Him and promised Paradise to the followers of prophets and warned all those who oppose them of hellfire.”

In another reliable tradition, Amirul Momineen (a.s.) said: “I am a slave of Allah and brother of the Messenger of Allah (S) and am a constant attester from the very first day. Verily I believed in the Messenger of Allah (S) and attested him when the soul of Adam was not yet connected to his body. Also I am the first to testify for the Prophet among this Ummah. Therefore we are the first among both the earlier and the later.”

It is narrated through reliable chains that people asked the Holy Prophet (S) why he was given first preference among all prophets? And how did he get greatness over all when he was sent last? The Holy Prophet (S) replied: “I am the first to admit to the lordship of Lord Creator when Allah took confessions and promises from all the prophets and made them witness to His Self saying: “Am I not your Lord?” And all replied: “Why not?” It is verily You. Because of this, I gained the first position among the believers of Allah’s Lordship and Divinity.”

In another reliable tradition the same Imam is reported to have said: “When the Almighty Allah created the souls and spread them before Him addressing with the question: ‘Who is your Lord?’ before all others the Messenger of Allah (S), Amirul Momineen (a.s.) and the pious Imams from their progeny said: ‘You are our Lord.’ Then Allah inserted His knowledge and religion into them and told the angels: “They are bearers of My knowledge and religion and are My trustees in My creations. My knowledge should be obtained from them.”

Then, addressing the progeny of Adam, said: “Admit to the Lordship of Allah and the obedience of this group, their love and Wilayat (guardianship).” They responded: “Doubtlessly, O Lord, we admit.” Then Allah told the angels: “All of you be witness.” The angels replied: “We witness,” so that none may say tomorrow that he did not know.

Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) said: “By Allah, the prophets have been, on the very first day of ‘Alast’ (as mentioned above), emphatically asked to confess belief in our guardianship.”

Shaykh Abdul Hasan Bikri has in Kitabul Anwar mentioned with his evidence and through Abdullah bin Abbas and a group of companions that when Allah intended to create Muhammad (S) He told the angels that He wanted to create a creation and give it greatness over all other creations and make it better than all the earlier and the later people and also the intercessor on Judgment Day. Had he not been there, I would not have created Paradise and Hell.

So realize his status and consider him prestigious for my honor and appreciate his greatness because of My Greatness. The angels replied: “O our Lord, we slaves cannot have any objection to our Lord and Master. We have heard and we have obeyed.”

Then the Almighty Allah commanded angel Jibraeel and upholders of Arsh to bring the radiant earth from the place of the grave of His Eminence, Jibraeel took that earth to the sky and dropped it in the spring of Salsabeel until it turned into a white pearl. Then they were dropping it daily in one of the canals of Behisht and presenting it to the angels.

When angels saw that Noor, they welcomed it with full honor, respect and salutations. Every group of angels before whom it was taken used to admit its greatness and grandeur and to say: O Lord, if You command us to prostrate before it we would do so. It is narrated from Amirul Momineen (a.s.): “When there was nothing except the Almighty Allah, the very thing which He created was the Noor of His beloved Muhammad Mustafa (S). Allah created it 424000 years ahead of the creation of water, Arsh, Kursi, sky, earth, Lauh, Qalam, Paradise, Hell, angels, Adam and Hawwa.”

When the Noor of our Prophet (S) was created, it stood before the Almighty Allah praising Him. Allah used to look at it and say: “It is only you that is the aim of My act of creation of the universe. It is you, the intender of good and well-being and you are My selection in My creation. I swear by My Greatness and Might and say that had you not been in My Will. I would not have created the celestial orbits. I will love who loves you and I will be the enemy of the one who is inimical towards you.”

(Upon this) the Noor of the Prophet (S) brightened further and its ray rose up. Then Allah created twelve veils from that radiance: veil of Might, veil of Greatness, veil of Power/honor, veil of Awe, veil of Dominance, veil of Mercy, veil of Prophethood, veil of Divinity, veil of Status, veil of Loftiness, veil of Bliss, and veil of Intercession. Then He put the Noor of Muhammad in veil of Might where it remained for twelve thousand years reciting “Glory to the Highest of the High.”

Then it entered veil of Greatness and recited: “Glory to be to the One cognizant of the mysteries and secrets,” for eleven thousand years. Likewise it went on reciting “Glory to be to the Master and Bestower,” for ten thousand years in the veil of Awe, “Glory to be to the Noble and Majestic One,” for 8000 years in veil of Dominance, “Glory be to the Lord of the Mighty Throne.” for 7000 years in veil of Mercy, “Glory be to the Lord of Might from what they attribute Him with,” for 6000 years in veil of Prophethood, “Glory be to the greatest of the greatest.” for 5000 years in veil of Divinity, “Glory to the Knowing and the Noble” for 4000 years in veil of Status, “Glory be to the owner of the Kingdom and celestial world.” for 3000 years in veil of Loftiness, “Glory to be to the One Who makes things extinct and Himself never wanes,” for 2000 years in veil of Bliss, “Glory be to Allah and praise be to Him. Glory be Allah the Great.” for 1000 years in veil of Intercession.

Then Allah made twenty rivers from that Noor. Every river had some sciences known to none but Allah. Then He dropped the Noor of Prophet Muhammad (S) into those rivers; that is the rivers of esteem, patience, courtesy, humility, concurrence, loyalty, forbearance, virtue, piety, penitence, function, addition, guidance, wisdom and modesty; that is in all the twenty rivers. Finally when it came out of the last river, Allah said to it: ‘My dear, the best of all Messengers! My first creation and My last Messenger! I have made you intercessor on Judgment Day.’

That brilliant Noor fell down in prostration. When it raised its head 140000 drops dripped from that Noor. Allah created a prophet from every one of those drops whose Noors were revolving round the Noor of the Holy Prophet (S) saying: “Glory to be to the One Who is knowing without any ignorance, glory to be to the One Who is forbearing and not hasty, glory to be to the One Who is self-sufficient and not needful.”

Then Allah addressed all of them asking: Do you recognize Me? The Noor of Muhammad (S) responded first of all saying: “You are the Lord, there is no god except You, You are only one and there is no partner unto You, You are the Lord of lords and the King of the Kings.” Then Allah said: “You are My chosen, My friend and the best of all Ummahs.” Then from the Noor of the Holy Prophet (S), Allah created an essence and divided it into two. He threw a look of awe at one so it turned into sweet water.

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