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The Holy Book of Zoroastrianism is called the Zend Avesta. The Zend is the commentary on the teaching and the Avesta is the original teaching in the Holy book. Besides the Avesta, there are Yashts - smaller books for Prayer, often to a specific being. Other books included are the Afringan, Nyayish, Gah and Sirozah which partially contain some scriptures of the lost 14th and 21st Nasks (Lost books). Other teachings are the Yasna which means sacrifice and contains prayers for sacrificial rituals; the Visperad is a collection of doctrines that are used for exorcism and religious law. The Visperad also includes cosmological, historical and eschatological material.


Khōrshēḍ Nyāyiś.

[Hail unto the Sun, the swift-horsed! May Ahura Mazda be rejoiced !] Hail unto thee, O Ahura Mazda, in the threefold way !] [Hail unto thee] before all other creatures!

Hail unto you, O Amesha-Speṇtas, who are all of you of one accord with the Sun!

May this prayer come unto Ahura Mazda! May it come unto the Amesha-Speṇtas! May it come unto the Fravashis of the holy Ones! May it come unto the Sovereign Vayu of the long Period !

[Hail unto the Sun, the swift-horsed!]

May Ahura Mazda be rejoiced! May Angra Mainyu be destroyed! by those who do truly what is the foremost wish (of God).

I recite the ‘Praise of Holiness :’

I praise well-thought, well-spoken, and well-done thoughts, words, and deeds. I embrace all good thoughts, good words, and good deeds; I reject all evil thoughts, evil words, and evil deeds.

I give sacrifice and prayer unto you, O Amesha-Spentas! even with the fullness of my thoughts, of my words, of my deeds, and of my heart: I give unto you even my own life.

I recite the ‘Praise of Holiness :’

‘Ashem Vohū: Holiness is the best of all good. Well is it for it, well is it for that holiness which is perfection of holiness!’

Hail to Ahura Mazda!

Hail to the Amesha-Speṇtas!

Hail to Mithra, the lord of wide pastures!

Hail to the Sun, the swift-horsed!

Hail to the two eyes of Ahura Mazda!

Hail to the Bull!

Hail to Gaya !

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