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The Avesta is the primary collection of religious texts of Zoroastrianism, composed in the otherwise unrecorded Avestan language.


1. Ormazd.

To Ahura Mazda, bright and glorious and to the Amesha-Spentas

2. Bahman.

To Vohu-Manô to Peace whose breath is friendly and who is more powerful to destroy than all other creatures to the heavenly Wisdom 5, made by Mazda; and to the Wisdom acquired through the ear made by Mazda.

3. Ardibehest.

To Asha-Vahista, the fairest to the much-desired Airyaman, made by Mazda to the instrument made by Mazda and to the good Saoka with eyes of love made by Mazda and holy.

4. Shahrêvar.

To Khshathra-vairya; to the metals to Mercy and Charity.

5. Sapendârmad.

To the good Spenta-Ârmaiti and to the good Râta with eyes of love, made by Mazda and holy.

To Haurvatât the master; to the prosperity of the seasons and to the years, the masters of holiness.

7. Murdâd.

To Ameretât the master; to fatness and flocks; to the plenty of corn; and to the powerful Gaokerena made by Mazda.

(At the gâh Hâvan): to Mithra the lord of wide pastures and to Râma Hvâstra

(At the gâh Rapithwin): to Asha-Vahista and to Âtar the son of Ahura Mazda

(At the gâh Uzîren): to Apãm Napât the tall lord, and to the water made by Mazda

(At the gâh Aiwisrûthrem): to the Fravashis of the faithful, and to the females that bring forth flocks of males to the prosperity of the seasons; to the well-shapen and tall-formed Strength, to Verethraghna made by Ahura, and to the crushing Ascendant

(At the gâh Ushahin): to the holy, devout, fiend-smiting Sraosha who makes the world grow; to Rashnu Razista and to Arstât who makes the world grow, who makes the world increase