4:46 h Jainism
Sūtrakṛtāṅga सूत्रकृताङ्ग (also known in Prakrit as Sūyagaḍaṃga सूयगडंग) is the second agama of the 12 main aṅgās of the Jain Svetambara canon.



One should know what causes the bondage of Soul, and knowing (it) one should remove it.

(Gambûsvâmin asked Sudharman):

What causes the bondage (of Soul) according to Mahâvîra? and what must one know in order to remove it?(1)

(Sudharman answered):

He who owns even a small property in living or lifeless things or consents to others holding it, will not be delivered from misery.(2)

If a man kills living beings, or causes other men to kill them, or consents to their killing them, his iniquity will go on increasing.(3)

A sinner who makes the interests of his kinsmen and companions his own, will suffer much; for the number of those whose interest he takes to heart constantly increases.(4)

All this, his wealth and his nearest relations, cannot protect him (from future misery); knowing (this) and (the value of) life, he will get rid of Karman.(5)

Some men Sramanas and Brâhmanas, who ignore and deny these true words adhere (to their own tenets), and are given to pleasures.(6)

Some profess (the exclusive belief in) the five gross elements: earth, water, fire, wind, and air.(7)

‘These five gross elements (are the original causes of things), from them arises another (thing, viz. âtman) for on the dissolution of the (five elements) living beings cease to exist.’ (8)

‘And as the Earth, though it is but one pile, presents many forms, so the intelligent (principle, viz. the âtman) appears under various forms as the universe .’ (9)

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