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Uttaradhyayana or Uttaradhyayana Sutra is a Śvētāmbara text said to be one of the final set lectures given by Lord Mahavira before his liberation. The Uttaradhyayana points to the fact that nudity distinguished Mahavira's monks from those of Parshvanatha.
Gaina Sutras
Translated from Prakrit
Hermann Jacobi


I shall explain in due order the discipline of a houseless monk, who has got rid of all worldly ties. Listen to me. (1)

A monk who, on receiving an order from his superior , walks up to him, watching his nods and motions, is called well-behaved. (2)

But a monk who, on receiving an order from his superior, does not walk up to him, being insubordinate and inattentive, is called ill-behaved. (3)

As a bitch with sore ears is driven away everywhere, thus a bad, insubordinate, and talkative (pupil) is turned out. (4)

As a pig leaves a trough filled with grain to feed on faeces, so a brute (of a man) turns away from virtue, and takes to evil ways. (5)

Hearing a man thus compared to a dog and a pig, he who desires his own welfare, should adhere to good conduct. (6)

Therefore be eager for discipline, that you may acquire righteousness; a son of the wise , who desires liberation , will not be turned away from anywhere. (7)

One should always be meek, and not be talkative in the presence of the wise; one should acquire valuable knowledge, and avoid what is worthless. (8)

When reprimanded a wise man should not be angry, but he should be of a forbearing mood; he should not associate, laugh, and play with mean men. (9)

He should do nothing mean , nor talk much; but after having learned his lesson, he should meditate by himself. (10)

If he by chance does anything mean, he should never deny it, but if he has done it, he should say: ‘I have done it;’ if he has not done it, ‘I have not done it.’ (11)

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