Writings of Imam Ja'afar as-Sadiq, Baqir Sharif al-Qurashi
Writings of Imam Ja'afar as-Sadiq
Baqir Sharif al-Qurashi
2:40 h Islam
Writings of Imam Ja'afar as-Sadiq summarise the life of the sixth Imam, a most prominent character, who benefited the human kind with his highly new scientific achievements, his instructions in the acts of worship and transactions and his contribution in the field of legislation. The book further expands his positive and active share in the establishment of human culture and civilization as well as improving general public lives and enhancing human thoughts, and his discovery of many of the secrets of the universe.
Writings of Imam Ja'afar as-Sadiq
Baqir Sharif al-Qurashi

Translated by M. Majid Asadi

His Letters and Advices

Among the high exemplar of the great Islamic culture is the letters of Imam al-Sadiq (as) and his advice that a number of prominent figures of Shiah were supplied with. They represent a great side of the targeted modern Islamic thoughts aimed at elevating the level of life, organizing the way of life, managing the desires and establishing comprehensive social relationship among them as well as touching the political issues in Islam. They based the most brilliant and the most important sections in the political and judgment world. Below, you will find some of those letters and advices.


The letters of Imam al-Sadiq (as) are among the stars of the Islamic heritages, which, at the same time, talk about his high emphasis to focus on the good concepts in the soul of the people and their natures. We are about to mention some of them.

A Letter to al-Najjashi

Abdullah al-Najjashi was the ruler of Ahwaz (a city in southern Iran) and he was considered among the best partisans of the Imam (as) and among the most prominent rulers who were highly careful in their devoutness and belief in religion. He asked Imam al-Sadiq (as) to provide him with a letter to take as a methodology and tactic to be used during his government. So that it would be his saviour from destruction and sins. Here is the text of his letter, which was sent to the Imam (as):

“May Allah lengthen your life and let me be your protector from every harm and ill and not to see anything wrong with you. He, the Almighty, is able to do everything.

I would like to inform you that I was afflicted with the government of Ahwaz. If my master does me a favour and gives me the limits of the tasks and to provide me with an exemplar to follow and what makes me closer to the Almighty Allah and His Prophet (S) and to give me in brief what he sees best for me to practice and what should be followed, where to spend the money and to whom place the help; in whom I should trust; in whom I should believe; where to resort and to whom to narrate the secrets. May Allah, the Almighty, save me with your guidance and leadership; you are the evidence of Allah on His creatures and His king in His land and He is still having His blessings on you.”

This letter showed the high morality of al-Najjashi and his high politeness. This is because of his high respect towards the successor of the Prophet (S), Imam al-Sadiq (as), in addition to his severe preciseness in his Hereafter affairs. He considered his government for Ahwaz as tribulation and affliction. In fact every kind of ruling in the government body of that time was tribulation and affliction on those who have to obey their consequent responsibilities and duties to have them done completely. Al-Najjashi has asked the Imam (as) to favour him and clarify the following points:

Specifying the methodology and policy that he should adhere to during his period of rule.

Knowing to whom he should give financial assistance, (e.g. charities, etc.) in addition to clarifying the attributes that must be found in them.

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