Ocean is a custom ebook reader designed for exploration and study of the sacred literature of the world’s religious traditions. It provides a simple cross-platform reading experience with an immersive audio-integrated reading experience and useful study and research tools.
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What is Ocean Reader


The Ocean library contains a vast collection of the world’s great religious classics.


Many books are word-aligned with an audio reading to provide an enjoyable “read-along” experience.


Full text search across thousands of books, articles and website resources.


Almost every book has integrated audio so you can read, listen or both. Reading progress and position are mapped to your navigation bar and synced across all your devices.
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Powerful Full-text Search

When online, Ocean can return search results from thousands of books, papers, articles and websites. When offline, you can still search, but only in non copyright-encumbered library books.
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Organize Tags and Notes

Add your own notes, filter and organize notes for presentations or study. (Soon you will be able to export and share your notes with others.)
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Build and Share Compilations

Build and Share Compilations
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