The Qur’an Commentary of Sayyid ‘Alí Muhammad, the Báb: Doctoral Dissertation, Todd Lawson
The Qur’an Commentary of Sayyid ‘Alí Muhammad, the Báb: Doctoral Dissertation
Todd Lawson
12:47 h Islam
A study of the Báb's two earliest works, partial commentaries on the Qur'an entitled "Tafsír súrat al-baqara" and "Tafsír súrat Yúsuf" (aka The Qayyum al-Asma), in an attempt to appreciate the Bab's attitude towards the Qur'an.

The Qur’an Commentary of Sayyid ‘Alí Muhammad, the Báb: Doctoral Dissertation

Todd Lawson


Note on Style

The system of transliteration used below follows the style suggested by the Institute of Islamic Studies, however a circumflex replaces the macron in indicating long vowels. For the most part, words are transcribed to reflect Arabic pronunciation. An exception is the name Mullá Muhammad Muhsin Fayd Káshání, who is referred to as Muhsin Fayz. Unless otherwise indicated, dates following names are the date of death, the first is the Hijrí, which is separated from the Christian date by an oblique. Occasional reference will be found to the Badí’ calendar, instituted by the Bab, which dates from Naw Rúz 1260. The translations from the Qur’an follow Arberry.


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